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Kailash Motors (7/19/2015) - Business Name:Kailash Motors Contact Name: Sudhir Jaiswal Business Address: 84/105 Afim Kothi Kanpur Business Area: Afim Kothi Business Phone Number: +91 – 512 – 0512-2523059 Cell Phone: +91 – 9005092535 Business Fax: 0512-2521575 Short Business Description: Dealer of Tata motors commercial vehicles Listed Under Category: Automobile, Automobile Dealers
Kanpur Auto Centre (7/19/2015) - Business Name: Kanpur Auto Centre Contact Name: V.K.Handa Business Address: 14 / 142, Chunni Ganj, Kanpur ,208012 Business Area: Chunni Ganj Business Phone Number: Business Fax: +91-512-2691706 Short Business Description: Washing and Servicing of Automobile Cars and Utility Vehicle. Listed Under Category: Automobile Services
Kavisha Motors (3/19/2019) - Business Name: Kavisha Motors Business Address: 120/191 Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India Business Area: Ashok Nagar Business Phone Number: +(91)-512-3290629 Cell Phone: +(91)-9889414141, 9336249504 Short Business Description: New Car Dealers Listed Under Category: Automobile Dealers
Khanna Hyundai (3/19/2019) - Dealer of Santro - The complete Family Car By Hyundai
Rajendra Agencies (7/19/2015) - Business Name: Rajendra Agencies Contact Name: Rajendra Kalra / Mintoo Kalra Business Address: 123 / 493, Fazalganj, Kanpur Business Area: Fazalganj Business Phone Number: +91-512-2220561 Cell Phone: +91-9838005514 Business Fax: +91-512-2224797 Short Business Description: Dealers in RCI, BPL, Clutch Plates, Pressure Plates, Clutch Facings,Tie Rods end, U.J.Cross and other Automobile Products. Exclusive dealers of WONDER […]

Automobiles Market in KANPUR

The Automobile market in Kanpur has registered significant growth in the last few years. Automobiles of all kinds such as trucks, tractors, and cars have witnessed a palpable increase in sales in the city of Kanpur. The growth in Kanpur’s automobile industry has boosted the national automobile market.

  • The various reasons for the growth of the Indian automobile market in Kanpur are:
    The economy in the city is on the rise and this has led to more disposable incomes which are then used to buy automobiles ranging across various categories.
  • Various loan schemes have been launched by the automobile manufactures and financial institutions and this has made it easier for Kanpur residents to buy automobiles.
  • The presence of many spare-parts shops and service centers has made it easy for car-owners to get their automobiles repaired. This has also boosted the sale of automobiles in Kanpur.
  • The state government has also relaxed regulations in equity and reduced import tariffs pertaining to the automobile industry. All this has resulted in the reduction of automobile prices, which in turn has boosted the sale of automobiles in Kanpur.

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